Tuesday, June 4, 2013

HoneyDo.es Weekly Update - Week 2

Weekly Progress Update #2

HoneyDo.es Weekly Progress Update

Welcome to the second HoneyDo.es weekly progress update! Over the last week, several exciting improvements have been made to HoneyDo.es that we think you'll love. Remember to look for more updates every Tuesday night.

Share Tasks With Friends!

You can now share any task on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This can be useful for everyday tasks such as planning to see a movie. It can also be extremely beneficial as a tool to commit to long-term goals. Want to quit smoking? Lose Weight?  Add a task to your to-do list, and share it on all your social networks. Friends will like your task and help encourage you to stick to it.

You Can Now Invite Friends to Use HoneyDo.es With You

The more friends you have on HoneyDo.es; the more motivation you receive to get things done and gain points. Until now, adding friends has been a difficult manual process, not anymore! We've added a friend invite wizard to make things easier! The wizard makes it possible to quickly invite your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email. You can access this from the 'Friends' section of the site. It can be activated by the green "Invite Your Friends!" button.

There's Always Something Going On...

Unfortunately, at times, it can be hard to see that especially when your new. So we've added a public task feed. Using this feed enables you to scroll through all tasks that have been added to any of our public boards. So right away users can find inspiration for their own to-do list and have an opportunity to get connected with other Honeydo.es members. Don't worry, as always your personal to-do list is not shared with anyone you haven't explicitly added as a friend! This feed is for board tasks only.

Better On-Site Documentation

We've done a lot of work over the past week to make sure users are always given instructions on what to do next. Anywhere you would have seen a blank screen before, (for example: when no tasks are present, or when no search results are found), we do our best to suggest what to do next. Additionally, we've added an introduction help guide; available at any time by clicking the blue and white question mark at the top-right of the site.

We've Given You More Control Over Your Boards

You can now delete, complete, undo and change any aspect of any to-do item that has been placed in a board you've created.

Even More Customization!

We've added 3 additional themes you can buy in the store, as well as 6 stunning new wallpapers:

What's coming next week?

With this weeks changes, we believe HoneyDo.es has reached the point where it is useful for the general public. So we are proceeding with our official launch! We want to thank all of the beta users who have helped us get to this point! We could not have done it without your participation and suggestions! We are in the process of submitting a kick-starter campaign for a HoneyDo.es mobile app (w/ Android and iPhone support.) and as soon as this goes through we will officially launch HoneyDo.es. That said here's what we will be working on:
  • The ability to tag friends in your tasks.
  • The ability to invite friends to boards.
  • The ability to share boards on personal sites.
  • Improved handling of errors.
  • And of course starting our kick-starter and then making more people aware of the site.

A little extra something:

We've decided to leave you this week with a preview of our kick starter in the form of the video that will accompany it:

Thanks for using HoneyDo.es and for taking the time to read our blog! Remember, HoneyDo.es is driven by your suggestions, if any part of the experience is sub-optimal or you encounter any issues, please suggest a task to the "Honey Suggests" friend, email us at honeysuggests@gmail.com, or take our anonymous survey.

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