Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Weekly Update 4 Weekly Progress Update

Welcome to the fourth weekly progress update! We're a day late this week, as we needed a little extra time to finalize some of the improvements. We trust the polished improvements to the site will more then make up for the delay :). In the future continue to look for updates every Tuesday night!

Even Better Looking and More Intuitive

A to-do list is something you interact with almost every day, so it's important that it looks nice. We've taken even more steps to ensure is the best looking and most intuitive to-do list around:

We've highlighted and brightened up the task creator; making it clear where tasks are entered. Additionally we've reduced the size of the side-bar so there is more room for what really matters: your content.

We've made text inputs larger while softening them with rounded corners.

They're Your To-dos to Display However You Like

We've made it easy to change how to-dos are displayed. You can instantly switch between a Collapsed View, Normal View, and a PinBoard View site-wide and will remember your last selected option for you.
Collapsed View (Just What You Need and Nothing More)
Normal View (Every Detail About a To-do Available at A Glance)
PinBoard View (Ideal for Quickly Browsing Through Visual To-dos Like Recipes and Movies)

Go Ahead and Put it Off

Sometimes you have no choice but to put things off, when this time comes we've made it easier then ever. You can now put a to-do off till tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or indefinitely with only 2 clicks.

No Label? No Problem.

There's a new view to see all to-dos that haven't been labeled yet.  Making it easy to find all your to-dos that still need to be categorized or allowing you to use unlabeled to-dos as your priority list.

Boards Just Got More Useful

You can now quickly see everyone who has joined a board and share boards on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to grow board membership. Additionally you can now send invites to your friends, allowing them to work with you on private boards.

What's coming next week?

We've decided to put a heavy focus on improving the speed of the site over the next week and that will be our primary focus. We believe is already the most beautiful, intuitive, social, and motivating to-do list. Now we want to make it the fastest one as well. While were at it we will also be working on the following things.
  • A new task agenda view (allowing you to see tasks separated by day, week, month, and year).
  • The ability to tag friends within tasks.
  • More notification controls.
  • The ability to create a account separate from any existing service.

Thanks for using and reading our blog! Remember is driven by your suggestions, if any part of the experience is sub-optimal or you encounter any issues write a comment below, suggest a task to the "Honey Suggests" friend, email us at, or take our anonymous survey.

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