Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HoneyDo.es Weekly Update - Week 3

Weekly Progress Update #3

HoneyDo.es Weekly Progress Update

Welcome to the third HoneyDo.es weekly progress update! Over the last week, several exciting improvements have been made to HoneyDo.es that we think you'll love. Remember to look for more updates every Tuesday night.

HoneyDo.es Officially Released!

HoneyDo.es was officially released on Saturday, and already we've more then tippled our user base! But we're confident that this is only the beginning and we're working hard to spread the news of the new better way for people to get tasks done. Want to help out? The best way is to contribute here and spread the word to your friends and family.

HoneyDo.es Gets High Ratings on Reddit

We shared HoneyDo.es on the ZenHabits sub-reddit to get feedback on our product and see what productivity focused people thought. The results were astounding: the link quickly became the number one rated item and we got overwhelmingly positive feedback. Productive people who are always striving to accomplish more love HoneyDo.es.

Better Error Handling

Not the most exciting thing to talk about, but it had to be done. We've improved the way we handle errors on the page - and we now show you a simple friendly message when something bad happens. We also make sure to limit the message to where the problem occurred  so you can continue to use the rest of the site. 

Better Default Fonts

We've changed the default fonts used by HoneyDo.es in an attempt to produce more powerful headlines and more readable content.

Design Improvements Abound

Better use of space, sharper icons, friendlier actions, richer likes, and a more prominent task creator. All done in our effort to make HoneyDo.es your perfect to-do list.

Voice Input Support when using Chrome

If your using chrome you'll notice a little microphone icon beside all search fields and the task creator. Click on this icon and you can dictate your task instead of typing it.


What's coming next week?

Now that we've released HoneyDo.es officially we've gotten even more great suggestions from our users about how to get it better, here's what we have coming next week:
  • The ability to tag friends in your tasks.
  • A view to see all unlabeled tasks.
  • More control over when and if you receive notifications.
  • More ways to see your tasks: collapsed, normal, and pin-board.
  • Week, Month, and Yearly task views.
  • The ability to invite friends to boards.
  • The ability to share boards on personal sites.
  • Better "Do Later >" button (allow users to choose between Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, Next Year, a specific date, or unspecified.

Thanks for using HoneyDo.es and for taking the time to read our blog! Remember, HoneyDo.es is driven by your suggestions, if any part of the experience is sub-optimal or you encounter any issues, please suggest a task to the "Honey Suggests" friend, email us at honeysuggests@gmail.com, or take our anonymous survey.

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