Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekly Update

HoneyDo.es Weekly Progress Update

Welcome to the first HoneyDo.es weekly progress update! We decided to start this blog to keep our users informed about any new updates to the site, and how to take advantage of them. Look for updates every Tuesday night!

Support for IE8+

The first update is probably the least exciting, but potentially the most useful. Support for IE8 and newer has been added to HoneyDo.es. This means you can now access HoneyDo.es from any commonly used browser (such as the one that's probably on your school or work computer).

You can now see your leader board position against everyone on the site!

We've added a new "Site Leaderboard" tab when you click on your score that lets you see where you place against all other users of the site.

Improved friend finder

We've redone the friend browsing interface to make it easier to browse through and add potential friends. Friends show up as blue (and when clicked you go right to their tasks), non friends show up as gray (and when clicked a friend request is sent to them), and requested friends show up as yellow.

Facebook connect support

HoneyDo.es is now an official Facebook app! This means you can connect your existing account to Facebook and login using either Facebook or your existing account credentials:

Additionally, if you don't already have a HoneyDo.es account you can now create one using Facebook:

We've added a Store where you can spend your coins!

You can finally spend all the coins you've earned leveling up on HoneyDo.es. We've added a few custom themes to start and will be adding wallpapers and brighter themes soon!

New task actions

You can now delete tasks without going to the edit interface:

Add a friend's task to your done list in one step with the "I've Done This" button:

Quickly add tasks from your done list by clicking the "Do Again!" button:

Easily skip a single occurrence of a repeating task using "Skip Occurrence >":

Smarter sub tasks

We've revamped the checklists associated with a single task. You can now delete individual sub tasks, click on sub tasks directly to indicate you've completed it, and add new sub tasks directly from any of your tasks. 

Official score guide

We've added an official score guide, accessible at any point by clicking on your score and selecting the "How to Level Up" tab. 

What's coming next week?

Over the  week we're going to be working on:
  • Adding the ability to share individual tasks to friends and family via facebook and twitter.
  • Making it possible to invite your friends to HoneyDo.es using your facebook account, twitter, or email.
  • Allowing users to stream through all public board tasks from the task feed.
  • A YouTube video documenting how and why to use HoneyDo.es.
  • Better on-site documentation (especially when no results are visible from a search or when first logging in).
  • Better management of boards.
  • Wallpapers and more themes!

Thanks for using HoneyDo.es and reading our blog! Remember HoneyDo.es is driven by your suggestions, if any part of the experience is sub-optimal or you encounter any issues suggest a task to the "Honey Suggests" friend, email us at honeysuggests@gmail.com, or take our anonymous survey.